Our Mission Statement


Artopia offers a wide range of Fine Art instruction for students interested in the visual arts. The core of the curriculum centers around an interdisciplinary approach, combining studio work, critique and discussion, building a solid foundation of artistry, conceptualization, and technical skills.

​Mentorship: Our low student to faculty ratio ensures that you will get the attention the student needs to develop your skills, confidence and portfolio.


Portfolio Development: Whether or not the student is planning to apply to art school you will gain professional skills necessary to organize your time, gather and develop ideas, document and present your work.

​Faculty and Visiting Artists: Professional Artists and educators will teach, encourage, support and engage the student in new art mediums.

​We provide fine art instruction taught by professional artists, educators, and instructors in our gorgeous facility. We promise to provide a fun, enriching option for track out/summer art camps, after school art classes, teen workshops, character design/cartooning, birthday parties and other events.

 Expose your children to ART at Artopia's wonderful facility. Artopia offers a unique art experience like no other taught by talented, caring and creative instructors ready to work with your children. Your child will have exposure to fine art and real supplies such as pastels, paints, canvas, paper, charcoal, clay, and more. They can be creative as they want while enjoying the freedom to explore different art media! See how art can help your child excel, have more fun and experience the world in a better way. Artopia is ready to make your children shine!

  • true fine art instruction, often lacking in schools

  • unique, quality programs, events and class offerings

  • talented, creative, nurturing instructors

  • gorgeous, inspiring facility

  • fun, enriching option for track out/summer camp, after school, art birthdays and so much more


We believe in planting creative seeds that with the right kind of nurturing and guidance will grow from sweet artistic buds into full blown blossoms of color, originality and magic.

WHAT: Artopia is a multi-media Fine Arts Facility

​HOW: Our talented, fully degreed instructors are real-world artisans who specialize in tapping in to a kid’s unique, creative potential. We’re passionate about bringing out an individual’s best artistic work and creative side and dedicated to teaching the latest skills and techniques within a supportive environment. We interact with your child(ren) and help them through art to develop better skills, better behavior, better life appreciation and encourage them to stay on a path to a more successful future.

OUR PROGRAMS: Designed to build self-esteem and creative confidence. These attributes have a positive ripple effect in how kids relate to others and the world around them. We know they will become better adults and be on the right path to success in life.

​LEARNING: Youth will learn and enjoy through visual art based programs. Our programs are designed to let youth explore, yet they are structured for learning. There are so many life and art enriching experiences we will help them with...


Our Philosophy